8D Problem solving

Organisations often encounter day to day problems that reoccur despite their best efforts to resolve them. Investigations are often conducted in a dynamic and pressurised environment resulting in root causes not always being identified and resolved.  Quite often the root cause investigation itself was not conducted rigorously enough leaving the door open for problems to reoccur.  This leads to frustration and ultimately failure demand within our planned processes, ultimately resulting in customer dissatisfaction and lost business.

The 8 Disciplines of problem solving (8D) was implemented by Ford in the 1980’s as part of its Team Orientated Problem Solving (TOPS) programme. Its aim, to provide a robust and structured approach to identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems. Since then it has been adopted and successfully used globally by many organisations.

8D uses a selection of robust, easy to use tools and techniques to identify and contain affected product protecting end customers from their impact. Once this has been achieved rigorous root cause analysis is conducted, improvement measures implemented and performance verified before documentation and procedures are updated. The last discipline reviews how ef fectively the project was delivered and congratulates the team.


The Hansei Technology Limited 1 day 8D course has been designed to equip those leading or taking part in problem solving workshops with the skills needed to deliver robust defect reduction projects. This highly interactive session will enable attendees to immediately apply what they have learnt on a simulated process.

The course has been structured to give you a strategic understanding of the principles and use of 8D problem solving.

Typical learning outcomes

  • Understand how to apply the 8D process, tools and Plan, Do, Check, Act approach
  • How to identify suitable projects and gain senior management buy-in
  • How to manage a project team
  • How to deliver an 8D project in real life
  • How to integrate the 8D and PDCA approaches into management systems such as ISO 9001-2015

Course Objectives

  • By the end of the course delegates will understand; 
  • Basic 8D terminology 
  • Each of the 8 Disciplines 
  • How to complete an 8D report 
  • What tools and techniques to apply 

Who Should Attend

As the 8D problem solving techniques can form an integral part of APQP activities and become a core business continual improvement tool. This course will benefit: 


  • Managers and Team Leaders with responsibility for sales, design, technical, production and quality. 
  • Senior and line management who are responsible for creating and or implementing ISO 9001:2015requirements. 
  • Engineers and technicians who can apply 8D problem solving techniques. 

Style of Delivery and Course Leaders:

Our course leaders have extensive experience in Quality Management across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, service and professional organisations including Local, National and International operations.  This wide experience enables them to make the course more interesting by using their relevant examples and case studies during workshop discussions.


There are no prerequisites for this course.



No assessment, but delegates receive a certificate of completion.



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