Whilst dress codes at work have certainly veered towards the more casual with most non-customer facing offices adopting a “business casual” approach, there is certainly an advantage to introducing casual Fridays to your business. Employers can take this easy and cost-effective approach to a great positive effect on their staff. Some workplaces are even now replacing dress down Friday with Fancy Friday, where staff come to work in fancy dress!

Why dress down and casual Fridays are a good idea

Employee Expression = Productivity

Employees will feel like they are being listened to by the business and, by wearing casual clothes (within reason) each Friday people will have a chance to express their individuality. This helps create a workforce that feels more in tune with the business culture, thereby increasing loyalty and productivity.

Perks like dress-down Friday (which are very cost effective), motivates employees and has a positive impact on their work ethic for something other than financial gain.

Team Bonding

Casual Friday will promote a more relaxed attitude in the office at the end of the working week, especially if delivered with another perk like treats like cakes. This will put staff in a good mood which will lead to them forming new friendships and strengthening existing ones. Teams that have better relationships work better together which also leads to good staff retention rates for businesses since friends for colleagues make for a much more enjoyable workplace.


Dressing down or more casually makes for a comfortable day for employees, especially in hot weather. Wearing a shirt and tie or other business attire can be restrictive, thereby making for irritable staff and having a negative effect on morale and relationships. It is especially more comfortable for those in an office environment, where people are surrounded by heat-radiating monitors and computers, often with poor air circulation.


Friday is the most social day of the working week, with some offices taking part in after work socialising. Going to work already dressed in casual wear will put your staff in a more relaxed state of mind and encourage social behaviour, which again will lead to better relationships and team morale.

Remember to Set Boundaries

Whilst generally, dress down Friday has positive effects all around, it’s also worth noting that having boundaries for suitable clothing is also a good idea so that employees know what is deemed as acceptable “dress down”. Obviously, health and safety is important as well as being presentable, so wearing clothing that is neat, clean and tidy is a must. Employees need to take into consideration whether their staff’s choice in attire is too loud, short or revealing.

Casual or Dress Down Friday is a great, cost-effective way to boost your team’s morale; here at Hansei Technology we place a high emphasis on employee engagement as we work with businesses. We enable clients to nurture a positive culture across their organisation which of course will have a positive impact on all involved.  For information on how we can help your team and therefore your business please do get in touch.