Every single day, management consultancies around the world bombard their clients with charts, strategies, and various theories as to how their advice on managing a business will offer thousands of pounds a month of value to their clients’ business. These consultants will often then use these charts to justify their high retainers. However, very few actually put themselves in a business owner’s shoes, so that they can make these entrepreneurs’ working lives as efficient and profitable as possible.

Management consultants would offer far more value to their clients if they helped them to fix day-to-day problems within their business which often force them to incur a significant cost at short notice. For example, if equipment needs cleaning, a consultant can clean the relevant grubby cog rather than force their client to incur extra cost in hiring a professional cleaning service. It is about time that as an industry, we put the clipboards down and backed our strategies up by offering practical cost-saving assistance to our clients.

Recently, while working for a major FMCG client, we cleaned their factory equipment, so that they could significantly reduce the waste generated while they supply the world with yoghurt. Our efforts formed part of our Kaizen series of events. Literally meaning Good ‘Kai’, Change ‘Zen’, these events ask teams to think about every aspect of their typical day at work. We then sit down with them and go through their days hour by hour to eliminate as much waste as possible.

It is vital for any business to reduce waste if they are to succeed. Part of this reduction includes allocation of resources within their company. The amount of time that is wasted by inefficiency in workplaces across the country is staggering. Clients are often shocked to find that valuable time, and money, is being wasted in this manner. Often, they only discover this inefficiency because our hands-on approach goes the extra mile, to provide them with this value.

This necessity to go the extra mile for clients is not just applicable to management consultants. Social media consultants should also promote their clients offline through word of mouth, as well as creating posts online, where possible, accountants should offer general advice on administration issues to their clients.

Likewise, management consultants should go the extra mile to help their clients’ business function more efficiently. Whether that means assisting with milking of livestock on a farm, or cleaning crucial equipment in a factory, consultants who do not go to these efforts for their clients will be increasing waste in that business, by forcing the client to pay them and then hire someone else to do a job which consultants are perfectly capable of doing themselves. Unless we take a more holistic approach to reducing waste for our clients, we will be doing a disservice and fail to offer our clients maximal value for the fees they pay us. Follow us on Twitter to see the value we provide to our clients on a daily basis.