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Lean Hybrid Mail Solutions

Lean Hybrid Mail Solutions is a cost effective and time saving service suitable for all types oF businesses, big and small

Mail for the 21st Century

In 2018, we rely on speed and convenience to effectively communicate our message, yet when it comes to sending letters to customers, we continue to use old and time-consuming technology in the form of stamps and franking machines. There is an alternative.

No stress solutions

Lean Hybrid Mail Solutions is a new and innovative way to send all types of post. Whether its an invoice, a reminder letter or even a promotion of your latest sales event that you need to send, let Hansei Technology take away the stress with Lean Hybrid Mail Solutions.

Take Back Control

Do you know exactly how much you are paying to print, fulfil and send your mail???
Lean Hybrid Mail Solutions gives you control of knowing exactly what mail has been sent with the Online Interactive Dashboard.
You can view and analyse a whole host of statistics whilst controlling whom in your business is sending mail with Administration permissions.


Pay As You Post & No Contract


Notification of any post returned or undelivered, at no extra cost


Up to 50% Reduction


Obtain reports detailing the frequency, cost, composition and date of ALL mail sent

Consider this…

Cost of sending a single letter using stamps or a franking machine


Cost of sending a single letter using Lean Hybrid Mail Solutions


* Based upon franking machine rental, paper, ink, envelope, time and 2nd class postage ex VAT  ** Based upon single sided mono letter using 2nd Class service ex VAT

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