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You know that Lean Manufacturing tools and concepts help to improve flow and reduce waste on your shop floor. But did you know that administrative functions account for 60-80% percent of the cost of meeting customer demand?  Too often, organisations ignore the waste and delays built into non-manufacturing processes. Administrative inefficiencies can be more difficult to see than those in the manufacturing process and bottlenecks are not as obvious as they are on the shop floor.

Still, high performance manufacturers require smart offices just as they require smart production processes. They’ve learned that many of the same tools and concepts get them the same benefits with their office, administrative, and customer service processes as they’ve gotten with their manufacturing processes.

Companies have reported reducing order processing time by 30% after implementing Lean Office tools. Others have successfully cut an average of 20% of the time, effort, or costs associated with their processes. Most importantly, all of this results in improved customer satisfaction.

As you look at your own administrative processes, do you see any of the following problems? If so, Lean Office training could improve your results substantially and quickly:

As you look at your own administrative processes, do you see any of the following problems? If so, Lean Office training could improve your results substantially and quickly:

  • Customers calling frequently asking where their orders are or when will be ready for delivery
  • Quotes and proposals take a long time to get developed. You experience low success rates on your bids
  • Important invoices not getting paid in a timely way
  • Poor communication and inflexibility is slowing down processes
  • You are missing on-time delivery
  • Order processing and billing is negatively impacting your cash flow
The Hansei Technology 2-day Lean for Office and Administration training will provide participants with a clear understanding of the fundamental principles behind Lean in an office and administrative environment. During the course, common Lean improvement tools and techniques will be identified and the class will discuss how best to apply these techniques from a Lean system perspective. Different types of waste will be defined from a Lean point of view and successful methods used to eliminate waste will be discussed. The course will also discuss other key factors within an organisation necessary to sustain Lean. Exercises will be used to surface concepts and Lean applications during the course.
Duration: 1 Day


Target Audience:

All office and administration personnel directly involved with the Lean initiative


Programme Objectives:

The course will:

  • Introduce the concept of Lean Office
  • Enable participants to learn how to identify waste and waste elimination opportunities in the office and administration environment
  • Enable participants to plan a practical route for the implementation of Lean in the office


Programme Outline:


  • Lean Principles and how to deploy Lean Thinking in the office
  • Various forms of Waste employees should learn to ‘see’ in the office to eliminate the waste
  • Selection of Business Process families and Value Streams
  • Organising operations to meet customer demand
  • The relationship between quality and turnaround time, the Lean quality approach
  • Checking at Source, Immediate Feedback and Mistake Proofing to prevent errors
  • Making Business Processes flow
  • Business Process Connections
  • Setup Times in relation to business processes and interruptions
  • Organising the Workspace for better productivity (5S)
  • The use of Visual Management and why use Immediate Feedback
  • Implementing Lean and organising for the Rapid Projects
  • Introduction to Value Stream Mapping for the office

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