Do your employees see improvement as a value-added activity, or is it viewed as an interruption to their day?

Is improvement seen as a sporadic, occasional and an add-on project (campaign), or is it a core activity?

Is it acceptable for your organisation to have a strategy for ad-hoc improvement?

What We Do

The Leap Programme

A Strategic Change Management programme.

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Knowledge Assessment

An innovative and revolutionary assessment tool for business processes.

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The Lean Leader

Knowledge is only one piece of he puzzle. Unleash the potential within your business.

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Our Consulting services encompass the four fundamental pillars through the application of various Business Improvement methodologies. Our service strives to improve process performance to allow our clients to gain competitive advantage and maximise their business profitability. Our methods reduce costs by helping you make the most of your existing resources. We achieve this by focusing on:

  • Change
  • Lean
  • Reliability

Our industry-wide experts use knowledge, tools and expertise to advise and guide organisations to optimise performance by minimising waste and reducing inefficiencies.  We support our clients to focus on sustainable system-wide improvements, to ensure they really move the needle in terms of business performance.

The LEAP Programme

The LEAP Programme is a strategic Change Management programme that can be applied company-wide or to a single process.  It offers innovative ways to change your practices and processes in parallel with bringing about a positive change in culture.  From long-term sustainable improvements to rapid Kaizen breakthrough events, we focus on improving the efficiency of your operations strategy and increasing the availability of your processes and assets. Our methods reduce costs by helping you make the most of your existing resources.


The Knowledge Assessment Tool is an innovative and revolutionary assessment tool for business processes, developed using all the skills of our experienced consultants utilising the fundamental teachings from the originators of the Lean principles. This simple but effective tool gives you the chance to fully analyse the current state of your business and to create and execute a sustainable improvement plan.


Knowledge is only one piece of the jigsaw that generates a sustainable improvement philosophy. In our view, knowledge is nothing without the leadership to guide it. In our experience, lean leadership is something that is often discussed within organisations but very rarely is it understood, even more rarely, is it developed with focus and purpose.  With this in mind and in support of our LEAP Program & knowledge Assessment, you can unleash the potential within your business.

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Steve helped me to not only manage to my nerves to a point where I actually did the 10 minutes’ presentation, but I actually ended up enjoying it. I also can only compliment his ability to make the content appealing to the audience. Steve did not know my business at all, but helped make my presentation matter to me and clear enough for the room to be interested as well. Than you Steve

Laura Goodwin Dip CII, CeMAP

Wealth Management Partner

I had the pleasure of working with Steve on a Transformation Project at FirstPort during 2017. He is a brilliant team player and people person who is really dedicated to his work and brings together a multitude of skills to get the best out of any situation. I have really valued the time we worked together and would have no hesitation in recommending him for further Lean Six Sigma Projects.

Lorna Kassoul, FirstPort Property Management Consultant

I can highly recommend Steve, not only because of his exceptional technical knowledge, but also for his training delivery and mentoring skills. 
Steve has made the topic of Lean Sigma Six enjoyable and I feel that with his guidance and support, I too can now deliver great things for my company. 
Thank you so much Steve. Keep in touch!

Richanah Daly, FirstPort Customer Services Team Leader

Working with Steve has been a blessing. He is an individual whom is knowledgeable within his own sector and brings forward that experience in every situation that he comes across which always him to adapt well. He has mentored me as a internally as Green Belt coach as well as mentored me on the external matters. Great asset full of positive energy and experience.

Saope Soko, FirstPort Integration Manager

...Steve worked with me on creating and delivering a compelling, professional, Insightful and inspiring presentation to around 500 business partners from all over the UK. Although I speak at events often, I really did want to start the New Year with a great presentation that got people excited about what our industry can offer and I have to say I got so much value from the sessions I had, that I plan to continue to use Hansei to assist in developing other areas of my business...

Tracie Fawcett, Owner

Prosperity Lotus

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