The Lean Leader Programme

Learning To Realise

Effective Leaders build teams, develop leader standard work, make decisions based on the entire value stream, create effective measurement and management systems and coach and mentor other leaders. This 2-day program combines Leadership purpose and principles with key LEAN tools and techniques.

What’s Involved

Our course provides learning by doing through practical activity. Delegates will learn powerful analytical tools that will empower them to develop new improved ways of working that truly move the needle in terms of business performance.

•  Two-day practical workshop includes networking dinner

•  Learn to see the reality of the big picture rather than focusing on silo activity

•  Delivered by industry experts with experience to deliver tangible results

•  Gain first-hand experience of using the key strategic tools and techniques of Lean

•  Restricted to just 20 delegates, enabling you to discuss your own unique situations




The fundamentals of Lean Leadership:

•  The 20 Characteristics of Lean

•  Value Identification – Muda

•  Lean Management System

•  Leading Teams – Accountability (RACI Model)

•  Creating a Lean Leadership Strategy

•  Voice of the Customer (VOC) & Stakeholder Mapping

•  Financials & Key Performance Indicators (KPi’s)




Building Trust and Gaining Momentum:

•  Lean Foundation Stones

•  Kaizen Breakthrough – Rapid Improvement

•  Observation – Go see (Gemba)

•  Coaching & Structure (Kata)

•  Training Plans – Job Instructions

•  Building a Lean Culture

•  The Value Stream Implementation Cycle

•  Positive Change Management

Learning Outcomes

•  Understand how to use the key strategic tools of Lean Leadership and how to implement them within your own Lean journey.

•  Identify waste in the system and develop strategies to overcome

•  Learn about the power of accountability & responsibility

•  Creation of your own Lean Leadership strategy

•  Develop & coach your own teams in the tools & techniques of Lean

•  Build personal leadership capability & capacity

•  V Develop key strategic priorities for improvement

•  Embrace and embed positive change management philosophies within your own teams

Why Should I Attend

This workshop aims to give first-hand experience in Leadership, Waste Identification and Positive Change Management.  It is aimed at organisations at any stage of their improvement journey, from any sector looking to improve the way they operate. The target audience comprises, but is not limited to:

•  Managers & those on the Management Development path

•  Service Providers, Engineering, Operations, Quality and Technical Support workers

•  Improvement Leaders and Change Agents

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I had the pleasure of working with Steve on a Transformation Project at FirstPort during 2017. He is a brilliant team player and people person who is really dedicated to his work and brings together a multitude of skills to get the best out of any situation. I have really valued the time we worked together and would have no hesitation in recommending him for further Lean Six Sigma Projects.

Lorna Kassoul, FirstPort Property Management Consultant

Steve helped me to not only manage to my nerves to a point where I actually did the 10 minutes’ presentation, but I actually ended up enjoying it. I also can only compliment his ability to make the content appealing to the audience. Steve did not know my business at all, but helped make my presentation matter to me and clear enough for the room to be interested as well. Thank you Steve

Laura Goodwin Dip CII, CeMAP

Wealth Management Partner

Fantastic – very accurate and enlightening!

Mark James ACA, BSc

Account Manager

James Stanley & Co

Steve’s coaching and guidance over the last year have been invaluable. He has been much more than just a soundboard to bounce ideas off. Steve has helped me with his knowledge of people, business and of course Lean Six Sigma as it pertains to my business. I recommend having a coffee with him to see just how different and effective his approach is.

Alex Johnson

Panda in Chief

Avid Panda

I can highly recommend Steve, not only because of his exceptional technical knowledge, but also for his training delivery and mentoring skills. 
Steve has made the topic of Lean Sigma Six enjoyable and I feel that with his guidance and support, I too can now deliver great things for my company. 
Thank you so much Steve. Keep in touch!

Richanah Daly, FirstPort Customer Services Team Leader

I am currently on placement from Harper Adams University at Muller in a Continuous Improvement role. I approached Steve from Hansei to help with my self-devolvement as being relatively inexperienced within lean six sigma and personal skills such as leadership. Since my coaching programme began I feel much more confident to lead effectively. I have also used lots of lean manufacturing techniques to great success in the projects I have carried out since my time at Muller. The coaching programme works really well for myself as I gain valuable knowledge from training while tracking my progress as I go along. Using the standard format helps to highlight my weakness so I can then ask advice from Steve on how to develop and turn this into a strength. I would highly recommend following a coaching programme with Hansei, not only do you get a structured programme but the wealth of experience and knowledge of the Hansei Staff.

Thomas Wellsbury, Continuous Improvement Intern

Muller Yogurts & Desserts

...Steve worked with me on creating and delivering a compelling, professional, Insightful and inspiring presentation to around 500 business partners from all over the UK. Although I speak at events often, I really did want to start the New Year with a great presentation that got people excited about what our industry can offer and I have to say I got so much value from the sessions I had, that I plan to continue to use Hansei to assist in developing other areas of my business...

Tracie Fawcett, Owner

Prosperity Lotus