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Visual Management Boards

As well as displaying imperative information for your whole team to see and saving you loads of time and money you can also use these visual management boards to train your new staff in your processes and your company ethos. Rather than constantly going over and saying the same things you can display all the information you need in a place for all your staff to see so that they never forget what your company is all about and the way you work. The human brain receives 70%-95% of information through visual perception A human eye can see visual patterns 65,000 times faster in a picture than in a tabular form. That is why the latest trend in project management highlights visualisation. It has been proven by management leaders that visualisation techniques can vastly improve the productivity of an entire company.
A few important questions to consider when building a Visual Management Board for your office:
• What work is being done and by whom?
• How will you show if a project is ahead of schedule, on track, or falling behind?
• What information needs to be shared with the team?
• How can you best portray that information in a way that is understandable for everyone?

• On/Off lights
• Stock Controls and Signals
• Cross-Training Matrix for Staff
• 5S (signs, tape, labels, color coding, etc)
• Control Plans
• Production / Quality / Delivery / Service Metrics
• Glass Wall Metrics
• FMEA’s
• Auditing Boards
• Spare Parts Availability (flow racks)
• Standard Operating Procedures or Standard Work
• SPC on production floor
• Preventive Maintenance Boards
• Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards

A place for everything and everything in its place. The perfect storage unit for all of your tools and equipment. Not only a clear cut out for you and your team to place your tools on in an organised and easy way but is also a great way to identify what tools have gone missing.

Loto Boards

Lockout Stations are hardwearing, user-friendly wall mounted stations that offer the perfect storage space for large facilities and for multiple departmental use. Lockout/Tagout stations are used to store Lockout/Tagout equipment safely and in one place. Most of the lockout stations allow you to secure the board in a position near the energy source so that Lockout/Tagout apparatus is always ready when required.

Kanban Board

Also referred to as a “T Card Board”. A range of different uses for such a versatile piece of visual management apparatus. Whether you use it for roll call and attendance or to keep track of which tasks have been completed or are still outstanding. A simple green and red tab slides into the slot and clearly identifies important information. For example, divide a Kanban board into columns that reflect your workflow stages. Be prepared for this to change and improve over time. Work items – these could be orders, features, service requests and other. The pull model – workers grab the next available task as they finish their current task. Let your team members pull their work from a project backlog saves you time and effort.

Take Back Control

You simply won’t find anyone who will do anymore to ensure all your wishes are met. With visual management boards built to your needs and specification and with our specialist in house design and production team you can rest assured we got it covered. Get in touch today to start the improvement process.

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